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February 6, 2024
Google Search Cache Removed - 2024
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Google Search Cache Links Removed:  Cached Page Important in 2024?

Google Search Cache is Removed

Google Search Cache has been finally removed. The "Cached" feature from search results has sparked discussions among users and website owners. In response to a post on X (formerly Twitter), Google Search liaison Danny Sullivan confirmed that the feature has been removed from search results because “things have greatly improved” for everyone.

Earlier the page cache was used if a user had slow internet connectivity or at times, internet disruption. which as of 2024 have been greatly improved and more dynamic page loads are making their way to improve user web experience which makes cached pages a hindrance to loading old data.

Similar to page cache, we have cookies a type of memory stored inside the browser for quick access and retrieval of data to know more have a read here: What are Internet Cookies? Is it relevant in 2024?

Do users Still access the cached webpage?

While the cached button has disappeared from search results, users can still access a cached version of a webpage by adding ‘cache:’ as a prefix to the link in Google Search.

Enter in Google Url: cache: website-name

// loads previously cached website

When will Google's cached option be closed?

On Feb 3, 2024,

Google has officially retired its 'cached' web page feature saying that it was 'no longer required'

What is Page Cache?

Page cache refers to the stored version of a web page that search engines like Google keep in their databases. When a search engine crawls a website, it takes snapshots of the pages and stores them in its cache. This cached version can be displayed to users when they click on the "Cached" link in search results. It's a useful tool for users and webmasters alike, providing a backup option when the original content is inaccessible or has changed.

Recap: Why is it being removed?

Google's search liaison confirmed the development, saying, "It was meant for helping people access pages when way back, you often couldn't depend on a page loading. These days, things have greatly improved. So, it was decided to retire it."

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Is Cached Page Important in 2024?

The ability to view cached pages was valuable for several reasons, such as accessing content when the original page is temporarily unavailable, verifying historical information, or simply comparing changes over time. Without this feature, users may experience a reduction in their ability to quickly access older versions of pages.

Website owners and developers might also be impacted, as they often use the "Cached" feature for troubleshooting, debugging, or checking how their site appeared during Google's last crawl. The absence of this tool may slightly complicate these processes. But it might not be significantly important in 2024 as mobile devices and the internet, in general, have become very fast.


While the removal of the "Cached" button may inconvenience some users and website administrators, it doesn't necessarily signify a major cause for worry. Users can still access cached versions through specific search commands, and website owners can turn to alternative methods for verifying their page's appearance during Google's last crawl. The change prompts a need for familiarity with alternative tools and practices but doesn't necessarily pose a significant threat to the overall user experience. As the digital landscape evolves, users and website owners alike will adapt to new ways of accessing and verifying web page information. However, the removal of this feature raises questions about the accessibility and transparency of page cache information.



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